Round trip

Run. Enter. Way … into the unknown. Silent anticipation. Curiosity. Uncertainty. Courage. Hustle and bustle around us. Hustle in the head. Overstimulation. Heavy baggage. Desire for healing, for space, as can be as you are. Time for yourself. Detach patterns, drawers, prejudices and expectations. Expectations of oneself and others. Breaking out. Mobile off. Switch off. Freedom. Shared train. Across the country ticket. Everyday life in the neck. Slowly you can breathe deeply. Longing for understanding. Forever. New, familiar and familiar faces. Familiar and strange fellow travellers.

Five people with the same goal. Castle Heinsheim. Anyone who felt the need for a break from everyday life, from the ego, from his mask, was exactly right at the Winter Youth Retreat. This community full of warmth, tolerance and emotion gave room to open, to be authentic. Like a lotus flower that dares to open. In countless, creative workshops everyone had the opportunity to unfold his individuality, his creativity and his abilities: Silent Walk, free dance, Acrobatic-Yoga, early-bird-yoga, calligraphy-workshop, singing, art-workshop, yearly review – Preview workshop, game evenings and blind dinners. We meditated twice daily and had the opportunity to continue meditating at any time. There were lectures on the subject of meditation and impulses to find your own way and go. These were held by Karl-Ludwig Leiter and Richard Reoch and there was room for questions and discussion. There was also an inspiring young man, Ali Can, who talked about his vision of building bridges. Especially with people who have prejudices against refugees, to make contact, to listen to them, to understand them, to learn what their fears are. To see that behind this fears, this anger people are stuck. In retrospect, it was the greatest gift for us to start the new year with wonderful people, in silence and movement. It was like a reset button, buying a blank canvas, putting down a knight’s armor or cleaning a glass. A new beginning to grow, a chance to grow. A chance to work with his neuroses and whims – to be allowed to. To see that you are basically perfect in itself. Melancholy. Pain. Do not want to go back to everyday life. About full. Open. Empty. The luggage is back. I can show my vulnerability. Feel the sense of being good as we are. Learn to show, then others show up too. To be open, to be warm, to ask interested questions, just to get deeper and to reach out to other people. Enriched, touched. Open heart. Inspired. Zest. Slow steady dissolving … of the community. Farewell. And then alone again.

And if they did not die then they still meditate today …

Text: Sarah & Julia Heyden, Simon Engelke, Lisa Fuhrmann
Picture: Sarah Heyden
Blog Editor: Dennis Engel